Mouse Infestation- protecting pet chinchilla


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Jun 18, 2019
Hello all,

As of last night it has come to my attention that there is a mouse problem in my new apartment. I have 5 year old chinchilla and I am wondering if anyone has experience with ridding themselves of mice that does not involve anything that could possibly hurt my little sweetheart of a chinchilla?

I don’t believe the previous tenants were as clean as I am. There is no food out or anything to attract mice beside my chinchillas food bowl.

I would love help finding the most human method to clear out the mice!

Thank you!


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May 7, 2012
The only thing I can think of would be humane traps. The traps that you bait and catch the mice live and then set free outside (or however you want to get rid of them). I wouldn't put the traps where the chin can get to, but even if the chin escaped the holes are too small for a chin to fit in anyway. Something like this can catch several at a time.
Dec 25, 2020
Go to the vet if you are out of date with shots( who knows what they carry). Try and see where they get in and plug holes with steel wool then cover with wall/wood/plaster/ ect. Make sure there isn't and plants or food thing near the house. Rodent sherif is a peppermint spray that goes directly on the windowsill and doorways. Lavender, Black pepper and garlic mix (boil in water and mop with it) also helps. Put niose repellent in crawlspace, closets, attics, drop ceilings, attached garage ect. Attach/ Tie tile around the bottom of your cage tall enough so they can't bother your chin( oil or polish the tile so its slippery). Capture with human traps. If this doesn't work, you might need to put poison/traps down where he can't go.


May 6, 2013
Pretty sure the noise repellents are irritants to Chinchillas so I would stay away from them. We had noise repellents in our garage many, many years ago. Got rid of them as soon as we got our Chinchillas. I must be part rodent because the frequency of those things would give me anxiety if I was near them for too long. They make models that cover various sq ft so if it was far enough from your chin, it might be okay, but I would not chance it.

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