MCBA Show Rules at A Glance

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Jan 28, 2009
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MCBA Show Rules at a Glance

May use any Daylight tube you feel is good. The MCBA board has tested bulbs and suggests that the Chapters use the GE SP65 bulb.

Entry form, classification, and show are in the following order:

1) White
2) Sapphire
3) Violet
4) Beige
6) Naturalle
7) Black
8) Charcoal

Hand out above sequence with each entry form.

MCBA entry forms are to be filled out by color. Naturalle animals need to be listed on their own separate sheet. All other colors need to be listed in the color sequence listed above. Since all thirty animals are on one sheet make things easier by listing animals in color sequence.

Number tables from 1 to how many animals you think will be entered. All animals from each ranch are placed in order on the table. If a rancher has 5 white, 20 naturalle, 7 beige, and 10 black, the rancher will receive 42 consecutive numbers for placement on holding table.

A maximum of twenty (20) entries per color section maybe entered by one exhibitor.

Section Classification
1) An official MCBA Sanction Show requires 50 or more animals
2) There is no minimum number of entries for a color section.
3) There is no minimum number of entries in a color phase for there to be a separate color phase.
4) Shows with less than 50 entries are classified Class 1 male and Class 2 female but would not be a sanctioned show.
5) Shows with 50 or more entries as follows:
Class 1 - male to 7 months of age.
Class 2 - female to 7 months of age.
Class 3 - male 7 months of age and older.
Class 4 - female 7 months of age and older.

White - 5 color phases
1) Predominantly White 4) White Mosaic / Broken pattern
2) White with Dark Guard Hair 5) Silver (has color in underfur and a bar)
3) White with Pink/Beige

Sapphire - 4 Color Phases
1) Light
2) Extra Dark
3) Medium
4) Wrap
5) Dark

Violet - 5 Color Phases
1) Light
2) Medium
3) Dark
4) Extra Dark
5) Wrap

Beige - 6 Color Phase
1) Extra Light (usually homo)
2) Light Beige
3) Medium Beige
4) Dark Beige
5) Extra Dark Beige (Beige / Black cross)
6) Tans / Chocolate / Wraps

Naturalle - 6 Color Phases
1) Light Medium 4) Medium Dark
2) Medium 5) Dark
3) Dark Medium 6) Extra Dark
* less than 100 entries - light medium and medium maybe judged together.

Black - 4 Color Phases
1) Light
2) Medium
3) Dark
4) Extra Dark

Charcoal / Ebony - 4 Color Phase
1) Light
2) Medium
3) Dark
4) Extra Dark

Currently the trophies are purchased using historical background, with one or two extras held in abeyance.
Grand Show
Reserve Grand Show
Champion Male of Show
Reserve Champion Male of Show
Champion Female of Show
Reserve Champion Female of Show

Breeder trophies for Color Section
First, Second & Third Place
Properly inscribed

Qualify for Breeders Awards
Entered 5 animals in Color Section
Minimum of 15 points (Average 3rd place)
Must be 10 or more animals in Section.

Master Breeders Award (State and National Show Levels)
Total points accumulated for a ranchers show entries. You must have at least 30 animals showing in at least 3 colors (white, beige, standard, etc.) and average at least 3rd place. The number of animals will be divided into the total points to get the person with the highest average. He/she is the winner.
If animals are shown in color section that does not apply as breeder awards, the points these animals earn apply toward master breeder award.

Junior Breeders Award
Awarded to the junior breeder (18 years or younger) who has qualified 3 of the animals he/she is showing. The animals must have been raised, combed and prepared for the show by the individual to qualify. The junior breeder with the most total points accumulated from the 3 pre-qualified animals will receive a trophy. All others will receive a certificate of Participation.
Certificates of Participation in the Junior Breeder division may be given to those individuals showing animals that they own but have not necessarily bred themselves. Breeder Awards may only be earned by animals produced by the ranchers them selves although other animals may be shown under the original breeder’s brand.
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