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Jul 27, 2020
Hey, so I really have my heart set on getting a chinchilla but it seems to be nearly impossible to find one for sale in my province or the nearby ones. I tried replying to a few ads i saw on google for Nova Scotia but they were all really old ads that never got taken down and didnt have a post date so thats been a bit discouraging. So I was wondering if anybody knew of or had a chinchilla for sale or a breeder that would be in either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. If they come with a cage and food that'd be great, otherwise I will have to go out and buy one, but I havent made the investment yet since I dont know if I'll even be able to find a chinchilla near me. And with all this covid stuff travelling is kinda out of the question for getting one from say the states or Ontario where they seem to have a lot of breeders. So anything in the atlantic bubble, preferably Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, if all else fails I can probably make it to PEI, but NewFoundland is a bit far for me to be able to go which sucks cuz apparently there used to be a breeder up that way. Anyways, hope someone sees this and is able to help :)

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