Leg injury


Apr 6, 2020
Sunday morning my son and I sadly learned the importance of having ramp covers that will not slide down. Our male chinchilla had his foot caught and leg all twisted in the rungs and he was stuck in an awkward position. We feared his leg was broken. We took him to the nearby university's vet hospital associated with their veterinary school, so I am confident he is getting good care. They recommended a CT to determine if there was a fracture or hip joint injury and also if an area of swelling was just hematoma (bruising basically) or a hernia. Good news is no fracture or hip injury. He however is not using his leg and a clinical exam revealed nerve damage.. it could be due to temporary swelling and pressure or may be more severe nerve damage. Time will tell how that heals. Hoping to hear some good experiences with chinchilla recovery from this type of thing. Right now he isn't using the leg (back).

Bad news was he does have a hernia. His function is normal (eating, drinking, peeing, pooping) so it may be minor. It may be chronic and unrelated to this injury. Or he may have strained it in this injury. Vet told me it can be caused by the neuter surgery (which he had about 9 months ago). I will say the vet we took him to for that was highly recommended on this or another forum (can't remember exactly) but even before this I would not have recommended him. There were some complications at the time. Anyway. Doc recommends watching for continued normal functions. Just as with a person, an animal can live with a minor hernia for years without problems.

Just seeking any insight with either of these problems. And good thoughts for our sweet Manwë. He's my 13 year old son's baby and kind of my little favorite of our family of 3. Plus, take warning. We have a Ferret Nation cage and have always had cloth (fleece) covers for the ramps but one was too loose and had slid down. I mostly thought they should be covered to prevent bumble foot or the stress of running on metal and never realized they could get themselves caught between the rungs like he did
Just so sad.
Thanks for reading!

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