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Oct 7, 2022
Im a little new to chinchilla owning, i have 4 now and have become comfortably familiar with most of their behavior, but one of my males has started acting different and i cant tell if hes in pain or if its the new female. They are caged separately but moderately close together so they can see each other because i had plans of caging them together but lately for the past two weeks hes been constantly sqeuaking and grunting (the lower sounding squeak that follows the high pitch ones) The reason i cant tell if its pain or not is because during the day hes quiet, he may do it once or twice but that doesnt happen everyday in the daytime, at night however he squeaks constantly and hes always at the end of the cage thats closest to her, so hes looking at her while doing this I figured hes horny, but i also experimented with putting his cage on the floor instead so they couldnt see each other, as soon as she jumps or moves in her cage he starts squeaking like crazy and doesnt stop But somethings telling me it has nothing to do with her, I dont know...... yes i have a vet appointment but i want a faster answer.


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May 7, 2012
If the female is in heat that can cause the male to act different and excited, just because he can't see her doesn't mean he can't smell her if they are in the same room. If you are concerned that it could be something more a vet visit is your best bet.

Also a side note, please do some research if you plan to breed, it's not for the faint of heart or cheap. Just to be clear if you put an intact female in the same cage as an intact male together they will breed. I'm sorry if you already know that but apparently that doesn't seem to be common knowledge anymore. Also if the cages are less then about 6 inches apart they can breed through the cages too.

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