Is he ever gonna be nice


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Nov 11, 2015
I have a boy almost a year old. I bought him from a young lady off craigslist. She no longer had time for him . when i picked him up she was able to hold him fine and he didnt grunt and his at her she handed him over to me and as soon as he smelt me he became spiky and grunty. I brought him home in his own cage after a day i put my shirt in the cage and he pulled it into his igloo the day after putting it in. So i thought i was getting somewhere i changed his bedding the next day after that and was tried bonding a little its been almost a month now he still wont relax when i hold him and he has started running on his wheel agai. So thats good ive tried giving him worm wont eat them wont eat fruit neither so treat wise i dunno how to reward him for bonding or good behavior im seriously trying i let him run around but he just hides and tries to find somewhere to escape to last night i expanded his home with a large tube and another cage and he normally stays in his igloo during day but now he wont come out of the tube and i know its cause he doesnt want me to hold him and i just need advice on how to break his previous bond and be excepted . will he ever come around cause he is so depressed and only excercises one hour at night i stayed up most the night and watched. So i am starting to stress am i not doing something right what should i do get rid of all the old cage give him whole new one will that upset him more should i get rid of old blanket give him a new one i was trying to keep his old stuff so i didnt shock him in to much new sorry babbling. Just need advice from someone who knows what i could try