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Hooked on Hogs
Jan 28, 2009
Kingston, Ontario
One of the most important items a hedgehog parent should have is a good quality digital scale that reads in no more than 2 gram increments. Weigh your hedgehog weekly and record so you know his or her normal weight. Often illnesses first show up as weight loss.

If your hedgehog is sick, weigh him twice a day and record the weight. They naturally have a variation in weight depending on when weighed but weighing twice a day will show if the weight is truly going down. Keep in mind that a hedgehog can loose as much as 25-30grams in a potty break. Weighing twice a day will show you if the weight loss was the result of a big poop.

Whenever there is a concern start counting kibble. This is a good idea to do once in a while anyway just to know what your hedgehogs normal food intake is. When ill, hedgehogs won't eat as much so counting their kibble will show you exactly how much he has eaten. You cannot tell they have eaten just by looking at their bowl. Count and record. If your hedgehog quits eating, or isn't eating more than a few kibbles, start syringe feeding immediately.

Any time there is a health concern putting the hedgehog on white or light coloured liners will show up any odd coloured bodily fluids. Baby flannel receiving blankets work great as temporary liners.

Ensure your hedgehog is warm enough. When ill they often need more warmth. Have a human heating pad on hand in case it is needed.