How does your single chin deal when you need to leave the house?


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Jan 7, 2012
Hello everybody,

As we see a glimmer of normalization in the horizon, I have come to realize I will soon have to leave the house much more often than I have in the past year. I thankfully have the opportunity to continue working mostly remote, but I will need to go to work for full days about once a week, as well as starting to spend time with friends again once it is safe to do so, just for my own mental health. Also, I'd like to start visiting my family again, which means trips out of the country. This didn't use to be an issue at all when I had 2 chins, because they could keep each other company, but I find myself a little reluctant to leave Susu alone now. She's doing pretty well on her own, but since I'm home all the time she's never really alone. I play music or keep the TV on while I work and interact with her whenever she's awake, so she's actually getting a ton of attention whenever she's up for it (and she's very good at communicating when I'm annoying her).

How do you guys deal with it? Is your chin OK when you leave for hours on end? Any suggestions on how to keep her well?

And how do you deal with vacations or weekend trips? I normally had somebody check on them daily to spot clean/make sure they had food and water, but now I don't like the idea of her being alone for so long.


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Jan 30, 2009
Chicago burbs
My chin is fine when I’m at work all day. She actually seems more annoyed when I’m home on the weekends Lol.
I might leave her overnight and have someone check on her, but never more than one night. If I go on vacation without her, I take her & her cage to someone who will be watching her. Possibly someone could stay at your house with her.

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