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Home needed for 1 1/2 year old male Chinchilla in Rochester, NY or surrounding areas

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Jan 2, 2018
Upstate NY

We are looking for a forever home for Dash. We would really like him to go to someone who already is knowledgeable on Chinchillas and maybe already has one or two, so he has companions.

Dash is from a pet store and was sold to us a standard grey but he is unique - as while he has grey in him, he has a lot of white as well and is the lightest standard grey I have ever seen. Happy to share pictures.

He is healthy and very personable. While like most Chins, he doesn't like to be picked up, he loves scratches allover his head and neck area and when he trusts you, he will climb on hands, arms and even up on shoulders. He even allows my 4-year-old son to give him scratches. And when he's in a calm mood will sit in my lap for scratches. He is semi-litter box trained in that he does pee in a litter box but tends to also pee at least once or twice on the fleece that lines the bottom of his cage.

He really is a wonderful little chinchilla, but we are concerned that he is lonely, and with our busy lifestyle doesn't get nearly the amount of play time or socialization that he deserves. We are very sad to let him go and it was a hard decision to make, but want him to get the best quality of life possible and fear we are not giving him that. We also have plans to bring a dog and a cat into this house and don't have a big enough space to ensure those animals are never in his space. After a lot of long talks and soul searching, we came to the conclusion that the best thing we could do for Dash would be to find him a good home where he could be loved and have companions, and get a lot more socialization and personal attention than he does now.

We are not asking for any fees and will provide all of the current toys and fleece items, and any extra food or hay. We will also provide wood shelving we had custom made. The shelving was extra shelves that didn't fit into his current cage. We were going to put it into a Ferret Nation cage, once we bought one, which was on the agenda before we started talking about the possibility of finding him another home. We also have some other wood shelves, lava shelf and cold stones we bought retail that we will provide to whomever gives him a home.

Dash has:
- Wood sticks, various chew items,
- 1 wood hidey house, his food bowl, hay rack and water bottle
- 1 Fleece liners and a handmade fleece hammock and a fleece pillow
-Small Travel carrier cage
-Travel cage that we have used for dust baths and his dust bath, as well as what's left of our dust for the baths.
- never used custom wood shelves and three wood shelves in the current cage that are worn, but still usable, as well as a huge wood hay rack. All hook onto the cage and have poop guards. Also a wood hidey tunnel with a winnie the pooh design on it.

There may be more I'm forgetting. He'd love a wheel but the one we had broke, and had not had a chance to replace.

Please let me know if you are interested in considering having Dash join your family. Again, we would prefer someone who is serious about Chinchilla ownership and can provide the kind of home, where he has lots of play space and play time and companions, something we were not able to give him. We need to know he's going to a home where he will be as loved as he has been here.

We are located in Fairport, in the Rochester, NY area.

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