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Jun 2, 2015
Corvallis, OR
I actually joined a couple months ago, and have been super busy with moving that I have lost touch with all sorts of social media. I just moved recently to Corvallis OR from Ellensburg WA. I am an Animal Science major, who originally intended on being a vet, but have recently altered my plans slightly to be more involved in humane animal management!
I have one chin and a cat:) Robbin and Dash. They are both very curious about each other when I let them near one another, but I am also too nervous to leave Dash around Robbin for too long in case something were to go wrong.
I am still on the hunt for an exotics vet down here (which I am hoping won't be too hard since OSU has a great vet school) so if anyone has names, I am all ears!
Robbin is my second chin, my first was a female named Girlie! He is much different from her and I have learned so much.
I can't wait to be able to devote some time here to learn even more about the chin life and everyone else involved in it:)


Aug 30, 2015
Welcome, so glad you could join!

Being involved with humane animal management is what I want to do too! Best of luck with that! : )