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Sep 14, 2016
My male Hedgie (Quillbert) is about 3.5 months old. About 1 month ago I got him a wheel in his cage and he used it all the time(obviously when we were fast asleep). Well about a week and half ago I accidentally cut his nail to short after his bath.(and he bleed) He hasn't used the wheel since except maybe once. I cleaned the wheel right after his bath and normally within a few days its covered in poop and is messy. Well its been pretty clean since then, like maybe he ran on it once. He is eating and drinking like normal. I don't see as much poop in his cage but still see some. We don't always get him out every day, but I did tonight and his lower abdomen looked swollen, after feeling around I found two lima bean size "objects" I had not felt before this time. I am assuming is his testicles, but with what seems to be his increased in sleeping (assuming from his lack of wheel running) I am worried about him. He awakes easily, and walks around like normal. I did find poop caked on 2 nails which I removed, but didn't see any signs of infection ( I am a nurse.) Not really sure if they go through growth spurts, if he is sick of his wheel right now, or something else is wrong.