Help!!! Lost a baby chin in the house.

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Oct 28, 2021
I have 4 cats who managed to not leave a mark on 2 of the 3 chinchillas that escaped last night so I am hopeful this morning. One of of them I cannot find though. I live in a basement apartment...the kitchen, living room, bar and massage room are all one room with no doors and bedroom has the cage. I have hay on the floor, but of course I'm worried he is scared, stuck or dehydrated. I've tried shaking the treat bag, putting chinchillas sounds, looking behind and under everything multiple times. He won't come to a dust bath...I'm missing him and I don't know what to do anymore. Thinking about buying a humane trap but it won't arrive for a couple of days and by then the baby will probably be dead. Hell :(


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May 7, 2012
Are the cats put away somewhere? If not it's possible if the chin is still alive it will stay hiding. If you can lock the cats up or take them somewhere at least for a night. Leave some food and the dust bath out and sprinkle some dust around any openings like in front of things, and in doorways to watch for foot prints in the dust. Is it actually a baby as in a kit? or just baby as in "fur baby"? If it's actually a kit I would check under everything you can, under appliances, furniture, and anything with a gap 1/2" or more (1" or more if it's an adult or nearly full grown kit) that it could have gotten into or under. Sadly if it's a young kit the cats could have eaten it without leaving any real sign, for example my cats eat mice frequently and rarely leave a mess, so if I didn't see them eat it I would never know.