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Hedgehogs in Hamilton Ontario

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Mar 1, 2012
I have been trying to convince this guy (On facebook & kijiji) that something is wrong with his hedgehogs & he need to treat them & separate them. I'm sure they have mites just by looking at the photos. He is unwilling to listen. This female just had a litter of 5 a few weeks ago and they all "didn't make it" (as he stated) --He will not separate them as he says "I don't want to stress them out because they have never been apart ever"...He has them posted for sale stating the female may be pregnant (she should even be near a male again this soon). He will not separate them or sell them separate either & insists that his females quill loss is because of dry skin...I unfortunately do not have the funds to rescue this pair and get them treated right now. (and I don't want to bring them into my house & risk the health of Flower or her 4 "babies") I am at my wits end... I don't know what to do & it's killing me to see them suffering... If anyone can help PLEASE!!!

the ad is here: http://hamilton.kijiji.ca/c-pets-other-pets-for-sale-Breeding-Pair-Of-Hedge-Hogs-W0QQAdIdZ370651635
Not open for further replies.