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Feb 8, 2020
So I've had my chinchillas since Christmas. I get on the site multiple times to get information in stuff that I need about my chinchillas. But everybody says something different. So I'm asking what kind of Timothy Hay do you recommend? What kind of treats can they or can't they have? I know that you can give them treats a couple times a week but it cannot be more than 10% of their diet. Another question I have is where do you guys buy your hay and your Apple sticks? Is it better to leave hay out in the open? Or is putting it in a tote alright? If there's like a website everyone recommends? What other kind of sticks can chinchillas have? I don't wanna give them something that can hurt them. Just any ideas that you guys have. I go to farmer Dave's and AZ chin's and then I use Amazon to, but I'd like to make sure that my chin's are getting the best that they can get. With their pellets I feed them ox bow essential pellets.


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May 7, 2012
For the most part any brand of timothy is fine, it's all nutritionally the same, so it comes down to which one your chin will eat. My guys eat mostly Oxbow hay, but I also grow some of my own and have gotten some from a local feed store. You can use other kinds of hay in addition to timothy too though if you want, other grass hay like orchard, and meadow can be given daily in addition to the timothy, grain hay like oat can be given a small amount (like a handful worth) a week, and legume like alfalfa is best only given a very small amount a couple times a month for adult chins. Hay should be kept in a cool dry place, I keep mind in cardboard boxes. You need to keep it out of sunlight but also allow it to breath so it doesn't get moldy so a tote with holes drilled into it can work well.

Some of the best lists I've come across lately are the ones on the Chinchilla Owners Group on Facebook, the group is good about updating as they get new info and have reasoning behind recommending or advising against things.


For most stuff I get I get either at PetSmart, locally, or grow myself, I also am in Canada so I'm guessing online stores I use wont help you 😉 . However I do recommend Rondas Chinchillas (it's a US store) for wood assortment, I've gotten wood from there and it was very nice. A lot of the treats you can get at health food stores.

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