Handmade cage for sale with supplies in Seattle area

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Aug 5, 2015
I would like to sell my chinchilla cage, or at least get it out of my house. $100 obo.

It is 6ft tall, made of poplar lined with melamine, with wire mesh doors and top. The cage area is 2ft deep by 3ft wide by 4ft tall, with a 2'x3'x2' storage area underneath. A flying saucer wheel is installed, and it comes with a litter tray to line the bottom, and a water bottle shield. There's a flip-down panel to access the litter tray without opening the doors. It also comes with the rest of my chinchilla supplies - wooden house, hay rack, food dish, small cage, water bottles, blue cloud pumice dust, glass dust bath, recycled paper litter, etc. (Probably $100 worth of supplies all on their own.)

There are a few problems: it needs a good deep cleaning and sanding; the storage area never had the latch installed; and my cat jumped on the roof and pulled out a few of the upholstery staples holding the wire mesh in place. ...Also my husband wrote "The Reason We Don't Have Children" on the door. I'm willing to fix the last two things but not the first two. The uninstalled latches might be in with the supplies, if they didn't get lost somewhere else.

The final sticking point is that I'm not willing to ship this - pick up only.

Let me know if you have any questions (or if this should go in the "for sale" section instead).