Giving eyedrops to chinchilla?

Jul 4, 2016
New York
Hey everyone,

I'm looking to see if anyone has experience giving a chinchilla eye drops? My chin has glaucoma and needs 1 drop in the AM and 1 in the PM and I'm struggling to give it to him. I mostly need a way that I can pin him down or grab him that won't hurt him, I know either way he'll be freaking out. He also has an eye lubricant he was prescribed but I haven't been giving it to him because it involves me going to his eye with my finger and he really freaks out then so if anyone may have suggestions with that it'll be greatly appreciated.



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Jan 30, 2009
I have held my chins down firmly, but gently on a flat surface and managed to gently hold their eyes open and put drops in their eyes.
Alternatively, if he is squirmy, you can try using a light blanket and wrapping him up like a burrito and holding him in your lap while giving the drops. It’s really kind of an art form doing by yourself.
With the lubricant, you might try getting a line of it on his eye and letting him blink a bit and wiping off any excess.
The vet techs at my vet office are really good at demonstrating how to restrain squirmy critters.