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Female Chinchilla, Atlanta GA

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New member
Apr 5, 2017
PXL_20210622_023306644.jpg PXL_20210622_023406680.jpg PXL_20210622_023700084.jpg

Meet Pepper. She is a ~5-6yr old (we don't know her exact age) rescue Chinchilla. She was dropped off at the specialty vet we use for our 2 other male chinchillas. They couldn't find a home for her, so we took her in. Our boys are ~16 years old though, and we don't want another long term pet, so we're trying to find her a home.

She's very sweet, and likes to be scratched behind the ears. She's still not thrilled about being picked up, but that could probably be fixed with a lot of attention, treats and patience. She's very friendly and curious and needs either a cage-mate or someone that can give her a lot of attention.

This is her cage. It's pretty big, but at least it's on wheels. It has a chinchilla wheel that wasn't installed yet in this picture. Some of the toys in this picture have already been chewed to dust.

We're looking for a $100 re-homing fee. We'd prefer you are able to pick her up and the cage, but would be willing to travel just a little if needed.