Do Chins have strokes?

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Oct 12, 2011
St. Louis Missouri
My 13 year old chin had dental work 3 days ago. He was showing signs of needing a trim but his teeth really weren't that bad. Weight loss probably something else that is brewing (per Vet). Chin put on critical care food for weight loss. All ok but when I was putting him back in his cage he tipped over. Now he is just laying at the bottom of his cage. I am feeding him critical care every 2 hours and he is eating. His head seems to loll to the side and his front legs aren't really doing anything but his back legs are still very strong.
My chin is under vet care but I just wonder if anyone has had this situation before. We are figuring that we are keeping him comfortable until he passes. But I'd sure like to know what may have happened. My husband thinks it's a negative reaction to the anesthesia. But he's had malo for a few years and has been having his teeth trimmed at the vet every 8 weeks for a long time.


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Apr 14, 2009
modesto CA
I have had two, one had the stroke out of the blue at around age 7, passed away and was confirmed with a necropsy, the other was 17 and had one right after a dental procedure, he did not come out of the anesthesia well and passed a few days later.


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Jan 29, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
Despite having been under anesthesia before and doing well, it is not a guarantee that he will continue to do well when put under. In fact when they are put under anesthesia a lot, it can become more and more stressful on the body to continue being sedated.

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