Did the vet hurt my chin??? Huge bald spot after seeing the vet and eye infection. Picture


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May 28, 2013
Hello. I took my chin to the vet yesterday because his eye infection will not go away. They told me there is nothing else they can do (they only prescribed one antibiotic, terramycin ointment) and dexamethasone steroid drop. They told me to use the steroid from now on. That evening, I noticed when my chin ATTACKED me and hissed at me that there was a large bald, moist bald spot below his chin. He has had an eye infection for a while that I was worried might be fungus, so I'm not sure if this is ringworm or an injury. The vet did not charge me for the visit and I'm thinking something went wrong that they did not tell me about (but I hope this is not the case, you aren't allowed inside because of covid). Does this look like ringworm or an injury?? The red bulge below the spot is my finger, not an abscess. I can't tell if the area is swollen or if I'm just noticing the flabby skin on his cheeks. I am very upset :(



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Jan 28, 2009
South Dakota
It looks like it might be fungus. I don't see any type of injury going on there and it's not usually where a chin slips fur.

A question though - with the bald spot and the eye issue - did they do x-rays of his teeth? It's possible that he's losing hair because he's pawing at his mouth and his eye isn't healing because of a tooth issue? If it's not his teeth, then did you give him an oral antibiotic like trimethoprim sulfa in conjunction with Tobramycin drops? Ointment sucks - it doesn't work well and it is hard to get in the eye. Using the drops is much better.

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