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Chin Up

Dec 14, 2015
I was going through craigslist and just looking at all the chinnies (idk why I do this it breaks my heart half the time and I am unable to save them)
When I cam across these two different ads
One is 3 chinchills, 2 male and the female is pregnant, it looks like the lady is still housing the pregnant girl with the males in a big multi level cage and I am worried she will definitely hurt herself or her babies. Based on the cage the owner has put some time and care into them, but she clearly didnt read enough to know not to house opposite sex together.
They are located in Tucson Arizona. I am hoping maybe someone lives near there and is able to help these babies out!! I would get them but I cant afford it at the moment. Please help someone :)

The second ad is a little black guy that looks pretty sorry, he looks like he has either come in contact with water or hasnt had a dust bath for quite a while. He looks rather skinny too, and his feet look like something may be wrong. His cage is plastic and idk what is being fed in the bowl.
This guys is located in Phoenix Arizona. Hopefully someone can help him out

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