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Sep 9, 2019
Hello! I’m going back to school and no longer have time to give these chins the proper care they need. Everything in the pictures will be included: 1 Prevue Hendryx cage with accessories also comes with 2 wheels and the cage/poop guards, an external hay feeder, an extra water dispenser, wooden chew toys, treats, hay, chinchilla pellets, travel case, and wooden shavings bedding. Basically everything and more needed for them. There is one white mosaic chin (eve) who is roughly 4 months and one light grey chin (mochi) who is roughly 7 months, both super friendly and allow you to touch/hold them once they get used to you and they love treats! If a new owner, please do research on chinchilla’s as they are very fragile and have specific temperature requirements. Both chinchillas and all accessories are selling for $700 obo, text 8186790860 for any other questions. Thank you!

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