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Dec 1, 2020
Hi guys,

So my poor Luna who is about to turn 3 at the end of this month has had the last couple months of what I can only assume is hell.

To start she had some slight elongation in her molars which was dealt with. This was followed by a sore in her mouth from the procedure, I assume from the contraption they used to keep her mouth open during surgery. She was doing well, gaining weight steadily but was still being syringe fed mushed pellets.

Her breathing seemed a little fast last Friday (4th Dec) which we kept an eye on, she was still acting her normal self. Over that weekend she seemed to have a slight wheeze/whistle noise coming from the nose area but only when she was out after playtime so we kept an eye on it. This noise got worse on Monday and she was seen by the vet who believes she has an URI. The reason they believe this is because she had a bad syringe feed on Friday 4th Dec via one of the 1ml syringes where it accidentally squirted the whole syringe into her mouth in one go. This was just a watered down mixture of critical care and some pellets which we grinded into a powder.

During this whole process she has been on Metacam and Baytrill and the vets have just said we have to hold out for the next couple weeks and see how she gets on. She is also on Tagamet and gas drops along with extra probiotic to help her tummy. She's been breathing through her mouth for the last few days but we have been still feeding her and keeping a close eye on her. She's had a small amount of discharge from her nose but this seems to only be when she sneezes which I am getting rid of to stop it crusting up around her nostrils.

I was just wondering if there was anything else I could try or purchase to help? I'm a UK chin mum so just trying to do the best for my baby. She is definitely showing small signs of improvement and she's showing me that she isn't ready to give up yet but just looking for some advice or to see if I have missed anything.

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