chinchilla safe yarn?

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Feb 1, 2020
New York
hello everyone! first, i just want to thank you for all the helpful info on this site for a new chinchilla owner, it relieved so much of the stress ive been feeling lately. im in the process of taking in a chin that an acquaintance bought without doing any research on chinchillas at all (insane, i know) and now cannot take care of. he is currently still in her care and, unfortunately, right now has the bare minimum to keep him alive. while im impatiently waiting until i can get him out of the situation, ive been doing a lot of diy things for his cage including handmade fleece liners and hammock. in this frenzy of crafting, i found quite a bit of yarn ive had stashed away and some of them are very similar to what michaels/ac moore advertises as "pet safe". would something made with this yarn be considered safe for a chin to have since it is similar to fleece? i don't care if he ends up shredding it eventually but im concerned that he would try and eat it and either get sick or choke. ive attached pictures of the yarn and labels for anyone unfamiliar with them

tldr; are certain types of yarn safe for chinchillas?