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Jul 11, 2022
California, USA
The last couple of days my chinchilla, Petunia, has been pulling her fur on her chest and like armpit area. Her skin is naked now and I can see it’s super red. and i can see her still going at it and pulling fur out. Anyone know what it could be or any home remedies ? I am currently stuck at home for quarantine and not supposed to leave until end of this week so i can’t take her to the vet yet :/ but I can treat it at home until i can.

She is still a bit active she runs around her lower part of the cage, she just doesn’t jump anymore (she has a 4 level cage and is currently only roaming around in the 1st level) she eats but has become more picky prefers seeds over anything. and she is still drinking water. she still lets me pet her and comes up to me when i’m nearby. it’s just her fur pulling that’s the problem.

I’ve had her for 5yrs now and i’ve never had any problems until now.


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May 7, 2012
I wonder if it could be ringworm since you mentioned the skin is red and the fur pulling could be because it itches. You can try treating with athletes foot powder in the dust bath if you think that could be the problem, one tablespoon in the dust bath. You could also try calling the vet, some will be willing to give at least suggestions over phone or e-mail if you can send them pics. Not all vets will do that though but it's worth a try especially if you explain that you are currently in quarantine. The other option would be see if you can find someone willing and able to bring the chin to the vet for you, they phone when at your house, you leave outside your door in a carrier for the person to pick up, and when done they phone that the chin is outside your door.

I don't know if diet is causing the skin problems but chins should not be eating seeds, their diet should be a high quality pellet only food and timothy hay. Recommended chinchilla foods include Oxbow Essentials, Mazuri, and Science Selective, some people also feed certain high quality rabbit foods. Treats can be given in small amounts but should be certain herbs and flowers, not seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, or animal products.

Here is a short explanation of why


In case you want a list of safe treats

InkedTreat list_LI.jpg