Chinchilla Problems with EmerAid

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May 8, 2022

My chinchilla has been sick lately, not pooping or eating, and I've been feeding her EmerAid and Meloxicam from the vet. She's not eating pellets and barely eating hay, so I was told to feed her 60ml a day if possible.

She's very fussy and I can hardly get her to eat any EmerAid. I got her to eat 10ml between two feedings, about a half hour each, and the entire time she was very distressed. She fights the entire time (burrito, tail hold, second helper or solo) and refuses to chew or swallow. I'm worried I'll end up choking her, or that the syringe feeding will stress her out so much it exacerbates the issue. I have CriticalCare in the mail but I'm not sure she'll like that any more. Any advice?

I've also noticed the EmerAid also gets on her neck fur when I feed her no matter how carefully I try. It's dried in a matt and it's driving her crazy. Any good ways to help clean her off?
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