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Mar 23, 2022
Since chinchilla poo is so dry, do I need to use wipes/spray to clean up after it? Or should i just use a napkin to pick it up and be done with it? Because i found a couple poos on my bed and I don't know if i should wash all my sheets


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Nov 3, 2021
Honestly, I usually just pick stray chin poo up with my bare hands. It's so dry and non-gross, it doesn't both me (though I do wash my hands afterwards). I don't bother to wipe down afterwards. I think so long as you wash/change your sheets every week or so, you don't need to wash them after every contact with chin poo. At least, I wouldn't. But I think a lot of it just depends on your comfort level. If the thought of the poo having been on the sheets bothers you, then wash/change them, but nothing bad will happen if you don't.

I find chin poo in all kinds of places throughout my house (I think it sometimes gets tracked around by the cats). I usually just pick it up, throw it away, wash my hands, and forget about it, haha. I've dealt with a lot of different animal poo in my day, and chin poo is by far the least gross.


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Jan 22, 2020
At playtime I sneak out of the play area, which is chin-proofed, and after making sure to collect any discarded apple sticks (they break havoc if not) get poop, loose hay and residues of bath dust out of the cage with the vacuum cleaner in less than minute My boy has at the bottom of the cage a loo consisting of a stainless steel dog bowl with a stone in it. As it would be in their natural environment. he stands on the stone and the pee collects at the bottom. This not only prevents him from stepping on the pee but also from peeing all over the cage because he knows that there is a place for it.. The loo has to be cleaned every day but it means one needs going over the cage with sponge and brush only once a week.. Simplifies life without compromising on hygiene.
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