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Sep 14, 2018
Hello, so I am a momma to 6 lovely chinchillas!! Yes 6! I need some help with my 2 baby kits. I recently got 2 baby kits today on 9/14/18 with both parents mom and dad ( I was originally supposed to be buying just a boy kit however the girl selling them couldn’t manage having time for them anymore so she gave me all 4. However I have noticed since I’ve moved the mom and babies out of the container they were transported in to a ferret nation cage with their mom they have not nursed any milk from the mom at all! They are only about 1.5/2 weeks old and it worries me because I know they needs moms milk till about 8 weeks. The 2 baby kits 1 boy & 1 girl get along very well and stay close with each other however the mom has not nurses either of them since being in the cage! The mom does sit near them however isn’t nursing them.
Question 1: How do I know if the mom isn’t producing any milk?
2: what’s a formula I can feed the baby kits?
3: how much can I feed them and when should I be feeding? Is it every 2-3 he’s?


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Jan 29, 2009
This is a earlier thread that was answered by the site admin(sorry copy/paste is the the only thing I can do)!! I would also add that handfeeding kits can be really risky. They aspirate(aka suck milk into lungs) very easily which can cause a fatal pneumonia in babies. So do the weight a few days will definitely let you know if the risk is necessary.:) Qoute "Weigh the baby once a day at the same time and see if she's gaining. It can take a couple days for mom's milk to come in so be patient. If the baby is tiny, then you may need to step in but give it a day or two. You will need a gram scale. Nothing else will be accurate. It's a kitchen scale that does pounds or grams. Under the FAQ's there is an entire thread on how to hand feed and what to feed them, but hopefully you won't need it.

Give it a couple days to make sure mom is feeding before messing with the baby a whole lot, but obviously you will need to hold him/her to weigh once a day. Other than that though, give mom and dad time with the baby".

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