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Dec 30, 2019
Are there any games your chinchilla likes to play with you?

Mr. B and I recently discovered a new "game" he likes to play! When it's playtime, there's a pumpkin in the corner of the space we play in (it's from halloween.. never been carved! Still hasn't rotted yet!). He'll jump up on top of the pumpkin and sit there facing me. That means I can scoop him up with both hands and he'll stay put in them! Normally he HATES being picked up so I thought it was pretty weird that he'd tolerate this so well. From my hands he'll climb up my arms and then do a bit of shoulder surfing (I'm sitting on the ground and so I move my torso around and give him a ride). Once he's had enough he'll jump down my back and hop back up on the pumpkin. And we just do the same thing all over again. :)