Chinchilla Drooling after Teeth Trimming

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Oct 27, 2021
Hello, my 5 year old male chinchilla named Gremlin has been experiencing tooth pain and similar issues. After taking him to the vet the first time, he was prescribed liquid pain medication (meloxidyl / meloxicam 1.5 ml and marked for 3 lbs)
After a few days with no success via pain medication alone, we took him back in and he was given anesthesia for X-rays. Apparently there are no root concerns, however he did have overgrown teeth that were trimmed and filed back to their natural state. We were instructed to feed him critical care (and have been much to his dismay, through syringe 3 times a day) It has been two days since his surgery, and though he is doing just a smidge better, he still seems to be drooling. Is this normal?

He is not eating completely on his own which is to be expected, but we have seen him attempt pellets and he is making sparse use of his wheel again. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated!

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