Chin Post Tooth Extraction - Grinding Teeth


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May 28, 2013
Hey, all. I noticed a change in the smell of my chin's breath and the size of his stool. I took him to the vet ASAP and she anesthetized him to get a good look at his teeth. One of his teeth had broken and the fragments were poking his cheek. She pulled the fragmented tooth and ground down the spurs that had grown because of it. It has been 1 week and he is doing SO much better. He started eating again on his own the day after the extraction. Vet prescribed Metacam for 7 days and antibiotic for 14.. probiotics to follow. I just noticed him grinding his teeth back and forth in his sleep. Yesterday was the last day for his pain meds and I'm worried he is in pain. Has anyone experienced this with their chins after filing/extraction? Thanks!
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