Chin personality change?


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Jan 7, 2012
Hello everyone!

So Susu has finally bounced back after losing her life-long buddy. She's curious about toys and usually pretty eager to take treats. She's even started seeking me out for playtime sometimes. All of this has made me very happy.

However, along with all of this came a huge change that I didn't expect: she's become super talkative. She has always been a very quiet and reserved chin, so I had learned to pay attention whenever she was making a noise because it often meant something major was happening (she was upset/scared/extra happy). But now she talks constantly! Be it just happy chirps as she's waking up (because she's about to go eat), or happy noises as she runs, or even teeth grinding when she had a yummy treat (she's done this all her life, but it was usually just with her favorite treats...now it's almost every time she has a treat/wants a treat). It's both cute to see but at the same time so weird, because I have almost had to re-train myself that not every noise from her is cause for alarm anymore.

Kumo (her cagemate) was the most talkative chin I've ever seen. He was loud and you'd never had to guess what he was feeling because he'd tell you. Could it be that she had such a loud, talkative friend she never had a chance to speak up until now?

Has anybody else seen this type of change in the behavior of their chin? Just curious.
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May 7, 2012
It is very possible she was a bit more passive and over shadowed by her buddy and now you are seeing her true self. I've never had cage mates die but when I split up a male/female bonded pair (after finding out they weren't both males) the female was much happier to be alone and was less grumpy. You are her whole social world now too, so since she doesn't have her buddy anymore she is chatting with you, also maybe also trying to fill the silence. 🙂

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