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Aug 11, 2017
My chinchilla has been sick the few days. It started out with his eye becoming red and swollen so I took him to the vet who prescribed antibotics and also a fluid to help increase his appetite (she said he isn't gaining enough weight) and Kaytee critter care to help with the weight gain and to help him get more normal poops (they've been becoming smaller recently). He's been doing a lot better the last day or so but then today during playtime he hurt himself and scratched his face. It bled minimally and I read that I should just let it heal on it's own since it's small. But now he is making an odd noise almost like a deep bark when he breathes. He did this for about 5 minutes after I put him up and then stopped. He's asleep now so I don't know if he will continue making that sound, but I'm worried about why he's making it. Could it be a sign of illness or it is just another chin noise?


Jun 13, 2017
Did you get X-rays to rule out malocclusion?

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Mar 16, 2011
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hopfully she should be ok. But if your chin is sick or is not eating enough/losing weight, then they should not have play time. Thats only going to make them expend energy they need, and burn more calories.


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May 7, 2012
If the sound was like the call sounds on this site it's perfectly normal noises.

I don't know about Kaytee critter care, is that a food? or a supplement? Or did you mean critical care? (which is oxbow not kaytee) I do know kaytee is not a a good brand, the food and treats they sell "for chinchillas" aren't really chin safe. They are full of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and/or seeds, all of which chins shouldn't have and can't properly digest. The only kaytee food that looks ok, not great, but ok, is the timothy complete, but even that you want to be giving alfalfa hay with to help balance out the diet. Also make sure plenty of hay is available at all times (and that the chin eats it), chins need a high fiber diet, loose timothy hay, for example, is high in fiber.

Did the vet check for a gut blockage, constipation or dehydration? that can also cause smaller poops. Check out this site for more info and signs.