Chin keeps opening wound


Nov 11, 2018
TLDR: Can I use a liquid bandage for a wound, and if so, what brands do you recommend?
Hi, I have a 6 yr old female chinchilla who recently chewed on her leg, making a pretty big wound. I was successful in healing that particular wound, as her natural skin has basically grown over it.
However, she now reopened another old wound, basically ripping the top layer of the skin off. She keeps chewing on it, and I can’t watch her 24/7. I was wondering if it would be safe to use a pet-friendly liquid bandage. I discussed putting an e-collar on her with the vet, and he said it was a possibility, but that they don’t take to it too well, and may cause GI stasis. I already went through all that, and would like to avoid it if possible. I am not sure why she is chewing on herself. She tore some soft tissue about 5 months ago, and after 2 months of cage rest, she got the ok to move back in with her cage mate. After another month or so is when I noticed her wound. I would like to take her to the vet, to check on her leg again (different vet), but due to the corona virus, they are not taking any non-emergency cases. She seems to still have weakness in her left hind leg, but can run normally. She has a tougher time jumping. I’ve attached a pic of her old wound and re-opened wound for reference.
Any help is appreciated!