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Sep 24, 2020
I have this question in FAQs as well...not sure where to post what for this kind of question.

Chewsiph has done this off and on since forever ( 8 years old, had him 7 years ). He's my only son but he gets a lot of attention, always.
He likes to chew his fur on his right hip / butt area and sometimes starts on the left side too. He doesn't chew /pluck to a point of sores or anything, just looks like a really, really bad hair cut.

It's off and on - He has moments it's okay, almost not noticeable... but hes started back up again so I figured I could ask the community for help :)

I think he's done his own haircuts ever since he had one good / large chuck fur slip from someone trying to scoop him up (when he doesn't like to be handled, especially by strangers). I thought maybe it's a "scar" like thing but it was a clean slip and it kind of looked like it does currently just a little more even.
but it was only one side...and he likes to style both sides.

I figured it is the usual bored, stressed, too hot, dry skin, fleas...but I checked all these things, read a lot of FAQs and forums.... and I don't think it those...?

He has many chewy toys.
His temperatures are usually around 70º, and never get over 75º.
I had a vet check out the spot when it was at it's worst and she said no ringworms, no mites, no fleas and his skin looks good.
Vet mentioned "injury", but I dont think he's done anything to hurt himself - plus its off and on, so it doesnt seem to add up. He doesnt like me to help groom that area because he's never really liked his backside touched....but when I poke at him in that area, he doesnt show signs of pain or anything.
Plus she told me to get an xray we have to drug him and Im terrified of that.

I'll add a current photo and maybe you guys have more / better options from your experiences. Thanks in advance everyone!


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