Anyone combine pellet brands?

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Dec 1, 2009
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Just curious -- when I had hedgehogs, I always combined three or more healthy brands of dry cat food (as suggested on CnQ) for them -- to "round out" the nutritional quality.

I have three chins on the Kline/supplement regime, which I have used for 5 yrs now. I've been really happy with it.

I just acquired 4 more boys who are on the Purina Advanced Nutritional Show Rabbit pellets, which I can buy locally at a feed store and is much cheaper.

I want everyone on the same thing eventually but not sure which way to go. Does anyone combine two or more different kinds of pellets for their chins on a permanent basis (I know about transitioning)? Just curious as to why it is done for the hedgies, but I haven't seen anyone doing the same for chins.

Also, although Klines is the exception and calls for alfalfa cubes/hay (even with the alf based pellets), I have been giving mine some timothy and bluegrass along with the alfalfa as well. Is this a huge no-no?


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Jan 28, 2009
South Dakota
There are several people who combine pellets. One lady combined four different types, just in case she ever was unable to buy her first and second choices. The chins would always be used to the four. Her rationale was that she would be able to get at least one of them, and there wouldn't be any problem with trying to wean on or off.

I have never fed the Kline diet, so I can't answer to it being a requirement, but it would seem strange that that's the only feed that is recommended with. Most people recommend alfalfa based pellets and timothy hay. Maybe there is something lacking in the pellet that the alfalfa hay provides? I can't imagine there's a problem with offering the timmy hay. Most pet folks try to provide a variety of hay to keep their chins interested.


I combine AlderPark (3/4) and Mazuri pellets (1/4) b/c I was transitioning them and since I had a fair amount of Mazuri on hand I wanted to use it up as well as the AP pellets have to be ordered and shipped whilst the Mazuri pellets are readily available. I am almost out of Mazuri pellets now and will probably be just using the AP pellets but I need to remember to make sure I order enough each time so I don't get too low and possibly run out.