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Aug 17, 2019
So, I apologize if this sounds dumb, but I was just wondering if anyone has experienced chins acting the way my two do, or if it's normal. During playtime they hop out of the cage (they have full access in and out during playtime). But I doubt it even lasts 30 minutes. One of them jumps back in after 5-10 minutes. He may go back out, but not for very long. The other stays out longer, which is surprising because he's the timid chin. He probably lasts about 15-20 minutes. It just seems like a very short amount of time, as a lot of people let their chins out for playtime and they stay out for a lot longer than my two do. What do you guys think?

For dust baths I have to put them in separately. One chin gets about 10 minutes, goes back in the cage, and then the other chin gets about 10 minutes. I tried bathing them together, but the timid one (Buttons) absolutely hogs the bath and refuses to move, which causes the dominant one (Bandit) to get impatient and a little bit of angry chatter insues. He's tried to squeeze in and push the Buttons out, but Buttons just hops back in and literally clings to the bath. I even tried tilting the bath a little bit and he stayed there like glue. To prevent any break of bond and/or fighting, I quickly changed it to separate baths. While Buttons is having his bath time, Bandit tends to go a little nuts. He tried to bite the cage bars, squish his nose through, even kick up bedding. He's fine once Buttons comes back in the cage. Bandit also does this when Buttons had separate playtime. (I only made it separate for a few days due to Buttons' stress constipation so I could make sure he's still pooping. Update with that, he's getting much better!) The bath behavior has been a thing ever since they settled in once I got them, which was way back in late October. It only got to the little angry chatter stage a month or so ago. Does anyone know why Bandit does this? Does the separate baths mess with their bond in any way? They still snuggle, share food, etc.


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May 7, 2012
My current two guys don't care that much about playtime either. If I just put the fencing up around the cage they only spend about 5-10 minutes out then go back in the cage, it's not uncommon, if they have plenty to do in the cage some don't really feel the need to leave, especially if there is less to do out of the cage. If I take them to the other room though with no access to their cage they play for about half an hour or so.

Dust bath is a resource so it can be something they value, like a kid playing with something and their sibling wants it. With seperate playtime it's like letting one kid out to play but not the other while the other looks out. Separate dust baths shouldn't hurt the bond at all, but another option is to just try to find a bigger dust container so they both can fit. Something big enough so one can just sit in there and the other can still bathe. Or if you like the bath container you have try getting a second dust bath so they can both bathe at the same time, Buttons can't hog both.


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Jun 19, 2019
Oxfordshire :)
My boys are the same, before I got my second one... My boy loved his out of cage time and it was hard to get him back in. He seems happy enough now, I can only imagine that he's happy enough and getting enough exercise he doesn't feel the need to come out :)