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3 chins to rehome in Tucson AZ, including 2 Ferret Nations

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Feb 19, 2021
I have a sweet lady (around 11 years) and her twin sons (around 7 years) who I am looking to rehome. I've had the mom since she was less than a year and her sons were born from mating with the sweet boy I had previously (he's since passed away right around the time of the kits birth). I have loved my little puffs dearly and to the best of my ability over the years, but I have never been able to give them the attention they truly need. Mom is white with grey ear/tail tips; boys are pretty much the same but with more grey on their faces (dad was a standard grey).

The twins have always been housed together and while not unfriendly, they haven't really been handled. Mom is a sweetheart who doesn't like being handled but loves giving nose kisses and holding your finger. Boys have a Ferret Nation cage and two metal chin spins; mom has a Critter Nation and one metal chin spin. Biggest priority is rehoming the twin boys, as they need the extra TLC that I just can't provide and that they deserve.

I work full time while also full time mom/wife/student/generally keep everyone else in our family chugging along and need to accept that I am not the owner these sweet babes need and deserve. I had hoped that my life would be less chaotic after we relocated from Georgia to Arizona in 2017, but it sadly hasn't. It breaks my heart to have to consider it, but I know its for the best. Photos happily provided on request. Must be able to pick them/the cages up. Pleaee also contact me if you know of a rescue in the Tucson AZ area. Thanks ♡

Email: [email protected]
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