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2 sweet young bonded male chins (1 beige and 1 ebony/grey)

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New member
Aug 8, 2020
I am in the Boston/ MA area and looking to potentially rehome my two chinchillas. One is two years old and one is about to turn one. They are both unreal cute, extremely bonded, sweet, adorable little personalities. They snuggle, run to see you, and will sit on your hand.

I love them dearly but live in a small apartment and am allergic to their hay, dust bath, etc. I also want them to have a home with a bigger enclosure than I have room for, and more places for them to run around.

I am looking for a home where they will be played with daily and KEPT TOGETHER. I will give you them with their glass saucer, but you must have your own cage and send me photos of it. And if you wouldn’t mind, also sending me update photos occasionally. Giving them away is heart wrenching for me and I need to know this is a responsible person.

if someone reaches out to me, I can send photos and further communicate. You would have to come pick them up.

Thank you,