2 male chinchillas need rehoming


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Jan 11, 2017
Hi. I have 2 male chinchillas that need to be re-homed. Their owner moved back to Taiwan and was originally planning on sending them back. However due to paperwork delay, they were left here to be care by their friend who had no experience taking care of chinchillas. So I temporarily took them in and was just informed that the USDA rejected their paperwork as their health certificate expired. Long story short, the owner decided to look for new home for the 2 chinchillas. I cannot adopt them as I already have 2 chinchillas at home (not bonded pair) and don't have the space and time to take care of them. I am located in Boston and am wondering if anyone here interested in adapting them (please pm me for more info on the chins) or if anyone can suggest where I can post to look for new owner or if there's any rescues nearby to take them in (already emailed forever feisty chinchilla). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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