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Chinchilla For Sale 2 Male Chinchillas Charleston WV

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Feb 23, 2017
I have come to the incredibly difficult decision that I need to part ways with my two male Chinchillas, Milo and Tesla. This wasn’t an easy decision and am not looking for anyone to tear me down over this when I already feel terrible about it. I am adult enough to understand that I have issues that affect my ability to properly take care of them and that they deserve better care than what I am able to give them in my current health state.

They need to go together, I will not separate them.

Milo is the bigger Chinchilla. He is 4 going on 5 on September 1st. He is solid grey and extremely hyper and loves to wall surf, run on his chin approved wheel, and take his dust baths. He is full of personality and loves loves loves chin scratches. There is never a full moment watching this cutie play!

Tesla (named after Nikola) is 3 as of February 14th. He is a light grey standard chinchilla and Milos polar opposite. He is shy and timid but loves his chin approved wheel and chin scratches. He prefers to hide than to play or wall surf, he loves his big brother Milo but sometimes prefers to be alone. He’s is definitely the quiet one!

If you are interested, all I ask is for a $300 rehome fee. This includes both chinchillas and a critter nation cage with metal base pans, food, water bottles and food dishes. I will also include their fleece bedding and beautiful hand made Christmas stockings!

We are located in the Charleston West Virginia area and are unable to drive very far but we may be able to work something out. Please message me if you are interested.

Tesla (Above)
Milo (Above)
Snuggle buddies
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Oct 23, 2019
Hi, are they still available? Please update. Thanks.