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  1. GilmoreT13

    Chin diarrhea

    I noticed tonight while my chin was out running around that she has diarrhea. Her butt area was stained with poo- I cleaned her up as best I could. I looked into her cage and saw only a couple spots where there was actual diarrhea. The only thing that has changed is me giving her a whole treat...
  2. GilmoreT13


    I'm looking to buy a brush for my chinchillas- particularly for one of them who keeps getting fur mats. I'm just curious as to what kind and/or brand you guys think is best.
  3. GilmoreT13

    Fur mats

    Hello all, My one chinchilla gets these mats on her one hip. They get a dust bath every night, and the dust is not in their cages 24/7. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or is this just something that happens? And is it hurting her in any way? These probably sound silly-- but hey, I...
  4. GilmoreT13

    Eye problems

    Hello, my chinchilla looks to have something wrong with her eye. It almost looks like she slipped some of the fur around it. She’s not bleeding and she’s still eating and jumping around like usual. She was fine last night and I noticed it this morning. I added pictures of her right now. Please help
  5. GilmoreT13

    Itchy Chinchilla

    Hi all! I’m a new member here but have always turned to this website for help with my chinchillas. Well, I need help once again. My 4 y/o chinchilla has recently been scratching her hip in the same place lately. There is a tiny spot where it looks like she’s been biting. It’s not bleeding and...