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  1. javachin

    FN pan covers

    You could probably get a hold of AnnieO/ChinChic or Shooper who would do them for you.
  2. javachin

    Please help!!

    Just give it some time. He's in a new environment with new people to get used to.
  3. javachin

    Kiwi Wood - Medium Flat Rate Box

    I have one box of organic kiwi wood stuffed in a USPS medium flat rate box that weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. $60 (price includes shipping,) PM me if you're interested with your email address for a PayPal invoice.
  4. javachin

    Age for wheels, more for breeders/show chins or pet chins too?

    I would say wheels are more for pet chins. However, they are used for larger sized chins in a breeding environment if they need to lose weight.
  5. javachin

    Mom and dust bath?

    I've heard of various responses. Some say 30 days, others don't really count the days. If you were to do it now, I would just make sure the baby is out of the way in the case the container gets knocked around.
  6. javachin

    Moving with my Chin

    Just give them time to settle in. Playtime shouldn't be a problem as long as you're not still actively moving things around. As for a cat tower, I think its hit and miss with people. You're better off making something out of wood or cardboard boxes. Its probably cheaper too.
  7. javachin

    Is Manna Pro a good feed for my chinchilla

    I use SHO myself and others use PRO.
  8. javachin

    Safe wire for cage building

    I'd check out a local feed/farm supply and see if they carry cage building materials. That seems more suitable than building material from Home Depot, etc. that could be treated with chemicals.
  9. javachin

    Licking face

    Chins like to try out/taste everything.
  10. javachin


    Try eBay or the Oriental Trading Company. You can also find them in craft stores like Michaels or Joann but I find them to be cheaper online.
  11. javachin

    Kit Versus Adult Coloring

    Some of them tend to change a lot over time, it just depends. In terms of ebonies, you can usually get a feel for what they'll look like. If anything, they darken almost slightly to me. They can also just even out if that makes any sense.
  12. javachin

    Safe Toys?

    You're better off getting something from one of our Classifieds members. You at least know for sure everything will be chin safe!
  13. javachin

    Cages and Wheels?

    I've heard of people using Martin's cages, but in terms of wheels, look at the flying saucer and chin spin wheels. Those are probably the best. Also check out Quality Cage's website. Their set ups are awesome!
  14. javachin

    Buying in Bulk

    Check out the classifieds area. We have a lot of great vendors.
  15. javachin

    Drinking but not eating hay

    Chins do grind their teeth on occasion. Take him to the vet if you feel so inclined, but I'd definitely change the hay and see what happens.
  16. javachin

    Kiwi, Pear, and Apple wood?

    TaylorMadeChins has a sale on apple for $5/lb.
  17. javachin

    Where to buy cage accessories?

    Our classifieds on CnH are the best!
  18. javachin

    Molding Apple Sticks?

    At least it wasn't too much. Whenever I get a wood order, I make sure to put them in paper bags or keep them in open cardboard boxes. You never know when you'll have residual moisture so its better to be safe than sorry.
  19. javachin

    Ebony & Standard Chins for Sale

    C10 and C16 pending.