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  1. kerri101

    Babies from my "new herd"!

    I have seen some small chins like the top of the first born in stores /close up...I really hope to add another female young chin sometime next year once I get new cage setups and my wood skills refined...the babies are just like I want want want!!! I know I just can not have more then one now so...
  2. kerri101

    Babies from my "new herd"!

    OHHHHH My cuteness overload,and I love the background holiday stuff behind the babies.....can I ask since I dont know much about babies are they as small as the first pic when they come to a new home?
  3. kerri101

    Teeth Grinding

    Chins can grind there teeth just because sometimes... Mine will do it when running around on some occasions shes done it for a year now every so often we here the grind...her teeth are the right color...not overgrown and she is a healthy chin I have seen in previous posts some have teeth...
  4. kerri101

    Introducing chins for a beginner

    The squeaking is a bark or warning call ....chinchillas do it for all kinds of reasons....when they hear a noise,a car passing, some movement in the house , some do it in there sleep ..some do it if they want attention... some do it just because like mine, you can not introduce another...
  5. kerri101

    Out of Cage playtime suggestions

    I do a chinny tunnel with my fleece blanket on my bed she loves to go under the tunnel and poop of course LOL....but she likes the secure feeling maybe that nothing is over her and she loves to run in and out!!!
  6. kerri101

    Next Question: Play Area!

    I use my bedroom for play time and the chin cage is down the hall in the other bedroom because we have a wood stove and its down the hall and cool down there with no heat on...Hall ways can be used less stuff to move if blocked of which is easy to do... one thing about using my bedroom is its...
  7. kerri101

    My new computer set up

    thats a really nice space/setup !!!! I am down to one computer now I Used to have my desktop and laptop set up like that but then my MB I think decided to dye :( so Im down to one computer now !
  8. kerri101

    Carrier recommendations?

    small cat carriers work well :) a lot of people use those also because you can clip a water bottle to the door and they have some different colored ones
  9. kerri101

    It's official now!

    Thats really cool!!!! Congrats !!! chins are amazing to have and watch !!!
  10. kerri101

    Love you monkey!

    I am sorry for the loss of your loved chinny splinter .
  11. kerri101


    monitor poops and make sure they are normal looking and see if chin is eating /drinking ok a clean cage can help you see if things are normal and going in and out too....
  12. kerri101

    Brown Hay verses Green Hay

    I have used different hays when learning what chinchilla perfers -kaytee extremely green ( chin does not like) -ox bow timothy/orchard/botanical hay Medium green ( chin likes but a lot of throwing around) -sweet meadow organic hay ( brown ) ( chin loves this hay) I had assumed the brown hay...
  13. kerri101

    Can someone make me a picture?

    I have access to some people who do art work..... because I belong to a FB gaming forum.....I can probably help you and trade some of my game stuff for it no charge to you...let me know what you want is it like cartoon/drawing on the pc ? This is one I had done based on my virtual pet
  14. kerri101

    Safe beddings for chinchillas

    I have used both kiln dried aspen and pine ...I have found the pine shavings seem to keep the smells down for me My chin came with care-fresh and was eating it so thats why I switched too
  15. kerri101

    Pickest chin ever?

    Thats to funny chin must have known he was being talked about.... yeah chins will throw hay all around....but on a plus side its cheap and gives them something to do pull the hay , and throw it around and forage for the good pieces mine is soooo picky!!!
  16. kerri101

    Could use some prayers for Sodalite

    Im sorry sending good thoughts for you and your chin
  17. kerri101

    Blind chinchilla? Very lost

    so glad that she is in a new clean safe place with you Hope to hear how she makes out and wishing her well toward a recovery from whatever happened to her before in her life
  18. kerri101

    please help!!

    My chin does the same thing she will not sleep in her house with any shavings !! Some chins just dont like sitting on them lol
  19. kerri101

    How much do chinchillas normally chew?

    this is willow this is just one night of debis lol I think maybe 12 -14 6 inch /birch have lasted longer but she dont like them....and coins just the bark none of that pile is shavings its all chinchilla chibble bits ...
  20. kerri101

    Newbie (forums & chin owner!)

    welcome !!!! I so glad that you are doing well and are cancer free now!! Chinchillas are very relaxing to have and provide much company and its fun watching them and interacting with them Congrats on your new addition!!!!