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  1. Nancy

    What can this lead to?

    I wouldn't risk it. Being so far apart in age and with different temperaments, it's not worth risking they would injure each other. You can slowly introduce them during play time and if they get along let them socialize during out of cage play, but caged together is not a good idea.
  2. Nancy

    Hedgie Privates

    How much blood? Is it mixed with urine or just a few drops of blood? It may be that he is being overly exuberant during boy time, but usually, they only make themselves bleed once or twice and then they figure it. He should be checked by a vet to ensure it's not a urinary tract...
  3. Nancy

    fat hedgehog and wheel options

    I have 2 of Larry's Carolina Storm cake wheels and they are so easy to clean. Most of the time I just give them a spritz with some vinegar and water and wipe out with a paper towel.
  4. Nancy

    Adisa is sick

    Shouldn't you have known the answer to this BEFORE you decided to breed hedgehogs?
  5. Nancy

    Breeder Opinions

    I'm a bit late with my reply, but as they say, better late than never. :hilarious: Yes, by all means email her with any questions you have. When I was breeding I too required those under 18 to have parents contact me. Once I knew the parents were on board and in agreement I often continued...
  6. Nancy

    Heating Supplies

    I agree with smhufflepuff. CHE setups are not really safe for use with an aquarium. CHE's should only be used with ventilated cages so hedgie has a cooler area to go to if he/she finds it too warm or if the thermostat malfunctions and the emitter stays on. As has been mentioned...
  7. Nancy

    Bella and Marlee together - first time

    Haha, hopefully their next meeting will be less vocal. They are both gorgeous. :)
  8. Nancy

    2nd Hibernation attempt, not responding to heat

    At his age, and with everything being pretty much normal except for these random hibernation attempts, it may very well be age related. You can try putting a heating pad under his sleeping area. Provide another sleeping area away from the heating pad and see which he prefers. There are pet...
  9. Nancy

    2nd Hibernation attempt, not responding to heat

    I've had a few hedgehogs that would attempt hibernation even with high room temperatures. They have ended up needing a heating pad under their bed as well as a warm room temperature. Are you certain the temperatures aren't fluctuating? Some hedgehogs are, or become very temperature...
  10. Nancy

    Kind of a strange question - Death of a pet

    Not a strange question at all. Yes, when they are right into a hibernation attempt they don't move at all and it's just about impossible to even see them breathing. Every single hibernation attempt here hedgie has been in a tight curled quilly ball. I've had varying degrees of movement...
  11. Nancy

    New hedgie after a loss

    The right time is when you feel it is the right time. For some it is immediately because they miss having a pet so much. For others it can takes months, years and some people never want another because they feel it hurts too much to loose one. Everyone is different. Sounds like this...
  12. Nancy

    Loki is ill

    How are they doing?
  13. Nancy

    Loki is ill

    What is the antibiotic they are on?
  14. Nancy

    Wild hog in the rosebushes!!

    Awww, so adorable. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Nancy


    Reputable breeders and owners will give the same response regardless of who they are and which forums they participate on.
  16. Nancy

    To Heat Or Not To Heat?

    This is a very outdated and misleading statement that unfortunately still gets passed on. Everyone is different as to what temperature they feel comfortable at. For example, I'm very comfortable in a tshirt at 65F, yet it's a very rare hedgehog that can tolerate 65. The majority of...
  17. Nancy

    Two little girls needing a home...

    Sending you a PM. :)
  18. Nancy

    Why a hedgehog should NOT be housed with a Guinea Pig

    The poor girl. She is so lucky to now be under your TLC. She is gorgeous, even without quills.
  19. Nancy

    I sent a baby Hedgie home 2 months ago, today it died...

    Sometimes they can fail to thrive and despite the best care in the world, they basically stop growing and die. It may have been that she wasn't warm enough. I hate to ask this, but are they certain she was dead and not just hibernating? I had someone contact me one time. They had...
  20. Nancy

    Tex Buckaroo Hufflepuff: Adopted 2/15/2010 - Passed 4/2/2012

    I am sitting in tears. Such a beautiful little soul. I have no words. Hugs to you and Hedgiedaddy.