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    Chinchilla For Sale South Florida: Rehome 5 chinchillas

    Hello everyone! Due to unfortunate circumstances I am needing to move into a studio apartment and do not have the space to bring my 5 chinchillas with me. They’re all beiges, 3 females who are triplets, only two are currently housed together because they were picking on the third, and two males...
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    Naya and I want to say hi!

    Let's see if this works better! Thanks for the warm welcomes guys!:cheer2:
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    Naya and I want to say hi!

    Hello! I'm new to CnH and my Chin and I wanted to say hello! I look forward to making friends in the fellow Chin-lovers community. Naya is my first Chinchilla and I hope I can get some lovely advice from all of you!