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    Moving overseas unsure what to do with my babies

    I have a male and female chinchilla, caged separately, ages approximate 8 and 6 years old respectively. I love my chinchillas greatly, and when I got them I never in my life imagined that I would be in this scenario. I have to move to Europe shortly and I am conflicted what the best solution...
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    chinchilla white pee? HELP!

    Sometimes when females go into estrus they can have milky discharge. Excessive, smelly, or thick discharge and swelling in her genital area could be sign of a urinary tract infection and should see your small animal vet as soon as possible. Even if you're unsure which it is its better to see...
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    Chincilla at a petstore

    Awe, these stories make me sad. A pet store franchise near me had a smallish store, with aquarium style enclosures for their pets. They had a really large glass wall for a pair of ferrets but a gerbil sized cage for chinchillas. Originally when I visited they had fresh iceburg lettuce and...
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    Show off baby New Year!!!!!

    My peer pressures are the opposite, people are always cooing over mine and pictures of babies and try to convince me to breed my them (male and female unrelated). I'm very tempted as chin babies are super precious, but I'd rather leave it to the professionals.
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    My female is quiet, once she matured all the happy chirps stopped. She only very quietly, almost inaudibly, will talk with the male when I bring him close to her cage. My male is extremely vocal though, almost non stop and very audible. I didn't know if it was a gender thing (I guess opposite...
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    Sodalite's surgery

    Wow my heart really goes out to him. God bless that you had access to medical care to save his life. Looking at the x-rays its really humbling to remember just how delicate their little bones are. Good to hear he's on the mend.
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    Chinchilla personality quirks

    One of the things I love most about chinchillas is their intelligence and personality. I've never had pets with such distinct personalities and love hearing about others chinparents experiences. So what are some unique things that makes your Chin who they are? Do they do anything weird or...
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    Chin Sweater?

    These are so adorable!! You should make a calendar! Your chins must be well behaved to allow you dress them, mine would probably try to eat the pretty dress.
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    critter nation pans

    I bought bass pans for the CN cage, they ended up being a very slight fraction of an inch too large to pass the hinges of the door. So sad ended up being a waste of money :( I'm probably a minority who had this issue but I would suggest making sure you measure the exact clearance of your CN...
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    Critter nation vs Ferret nation

    hello, sorry to revive an old thread. Could someone who has owned both tell me if you find the CN or the FN easier to attach cage furniture (shelves, wheels, bottles, etc)? I have the Fiesty Ferret cage now with vertical bars but the spacing is so far and only two awkwardly placed cross bars...
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    Cage Tour

    Very stylish pictures! What size tiles did you use and did you have to cut them at all? I was considering doing the same.
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    Sleeping in his litter pan...

    My female chin really loved a minature pet bed (looks like a cat/dog bed) so I bought one for her little brother. He only sleeps with it upside down with his tail poking out from under like a turtle. He also likes to walk around with it over him often bumping into everything since he cant see...
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    FN newbie questions

    Greetings everyone! I'm a new member and a little shy so my apologies if I'm repeating common questions. I have two rescue chins who are currently housed separately in the fiesty ferret cages. I purchased this particular style at the time because I had won a 3 year supply of carefresh (they...