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  1. jbcstratton

    MCBA Atlantic Chapter Show 2016

    I will be there, thanks for posting Alex!
  2. jbcstratton

    MCBA Nationals 2016

    I'll be there, can't wait to see everyone!
  3. jbcstratton

    Looking in Western NY

    I think I sent you to Jen Bruce, but wanted to say thanks for the references everyone! All the breeders that posted and were referred are reputable!
  4. jbcstratton

    Looking for male baby

    If you are still looking, I will have an ebony male available in about 6-7 weeks. I an located in southern NY.
  5. jbcstratton

    Ledges, houses, hammocks & more

    The house is wood and made of pine. If you are still interested I can get a picture if one.
  6. jbcstratton

    NY/NE Show 2015

    If anyone would like to purchase space on the NY/NE show book it will be as follows, full page ad $20, half page ad $10, and business card size $5. As always if you are donating to the raffle you get a half page ad in the show book. All ad must be received by September 12th. All ads are to be...
  7. jbcstratton

    Stratton's Chinchillas sales list

    New chins that are available ADK B1 violet male 1/17/12 $100 MPOE C94 standard e/c v/c female 9/12/13 $75 STRK Z38 extra dark ebony male 5/26/10 $125 MBSC D3 tan female 4/13/14 $175 MBSC D4 beige female 5/11/14 $150 MBSC D22 medium ebony female 7/31/14 Also have a few rescues available Mosaic...
  8. jbcstratton

    Triplets! Advice please!

    Most walmarts carry goats milk in the dairy section, you can freeze it in ice cube trays for future use.
  9. jbcstratton

    Atlantic Chapter Show info

    Juanita and Christianne are not going to make it :(
  10. jbcstratton

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    I can't copy and paste but....
  11. jbcstratton

    Kits are the best workday surprise!

    Looks white to me, congrats!
  12. jbcstratton


    I have apple wood, $10 pound and 13" square hammocks $5 each.
  13. jbcstratton

    Atlantic Chapter Show info

    Here is the info I just got with permission to post. Good morning everyone. We do appreciate everyone's patients in the matter of where the 2015 show will be held. As announced earlier this show season, the date has remained April 18th. I know a few people were very concerned over a possible...
  14. jbcstratton

    Atlantic Chapter Show info

    Will be held April 18, there are still deciding on location. Info should be coming soon.
  15. jbcstratton

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    Just booked our room, I will be there!
  16. jbcstratton

    Not eating Timothy hay

    Zupreem Timothy has a lot of softer hay and not much of the harder pieces.
  17. jbcstratton

    A Beautiful Chinchilla Experience!!

    It's nice when they start to trust you. I have a moody girl that will spray you one day and want her chin rubbed the next.
  18. jbcstratton

    New Chinchillas! Questions

    Pine or aspen for bedding, or you can use fleece with a litter pan, glass or metal with aspen or pine in it. Some chins take longer to bond than others and some never like to be picked up. You can use ool fashion oats in your hand to help bond, give them time to adjust, talk to them and let them...
  19. jbcstratton


    After getting a quality standard male, you would want to purchase quality females that would compliment him, color is the least important thing.
  20. jbcstratton

    When to separate kits??

    I also separate at 8 weeks unless they aren't 200 grams.