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  1. Puddles&Chubbs


    I am so sorry for your loss Lauren. You guys had such a special bond. I will always remember Chloe and her fleece cube. May she rest in peace and watch over you from above.
  2. Puddles&Chubbs

    My curls

    I didn't know you had such long hair! It looks great!
  3. Puddles&Chubbs

    hello from allliance oh

    welcome to the forum! I live in rootstown and graduated from Mount Union in Alliance. You're right down the road from me! :)
  4. Puddles&Chubbs

    Do you woot?

    anyone lucky enough to get a bag of crap? according to the woot predictor, it should be any day now!
  5. Puddles&Chubbs

    Do you woot?

    yeah! I was looking at past t-shirts and they ARE funny and cute! I love the jelly donut one:
  6. Puddles&Chubbs

    Do you woot?

    Have you heard of the website I just found out about it yesterday. They have one item for sale per day, supposedly a good deal, starting at midnight central time and going to midnight the following day or until it's sold out, which ever comes first. Then they put a new item up...
  7. Puddles&Chubbs

    Baby Lisa chin!

    oh she is a doll! look how tiny!! she's perfect!!
  8. Puddles&Chubbs

    Puddles is back!

    so deprived I know!
  9. Puddles&Chubbs

    New chubbicharm ideas

    Mine's still going strong after a week+ I'm sure there are people who are a little more rough with their phone's than I am but mine is still good as new. Mine is usually in and out of my pocket all day and sometimes in my purse or on my desk. Hhahahaha! I'd love to see that!
  10. Puddles&Chubbs

    Single Owned Chins?

    Puddles is an only chin. She always was with her sister chubbs until chubbs passed away. :( But I really did not notice any change in her behavior at all after that. I give her lots of attention, playtime, and lots of toys/chews to keep her busy. I like to think she's a happy camper chin. :)
  11. Puddles&Chubbs

    Puddles is back!

    thanks! she is a big ball of fluff. Whenever I stack her toys to put them back in her closet, she runs and hides in them like she's protecting them. :)
  12. Puddles&Chubbs

    Puddles is back!

    Be afwaid! Be vewy afwaid!
  13. Puddles&Chubbs

    Puddles is back!

    Well, she never really went anywhere but I haven't posted pics in forever. So without further ado.... My signature pose How'd you find me waaaay up here? See my new pink carrier? Makes a good escape route! My toys and I, we stick together
  14. Puddles&Chubbs

    The Final Destination

    oh yay! We were going to see it last night in 3D but the tickets were 12.25 a piece so we decided we'd wait for a day we could see a matinee. Now I really can't wait! I'll wear my depends. ;)
  15. Puddles&Chubbs

    Fuzzy and the Duster

    He's a nut!!! :)
  16. Puddles&Chubbs

    New chubbicharm ideas

    ooooh! good ideas all! I will have to stop at the craft store and see what kind of doo dads I can find. :) coronaangel: you can order the double chubbipin whenever you like. :)
  17. Puddles&Chubbs

    Stone Ledges?

    oooh! good to know! the shipping was pretty high since they weigh a ton!!
  18. Puddles&Chubbs

    My artwork by Mae :)

    oh my gosh jean marie! You know I love Mae's work. She is amazing and your piece is beautiful! How COOL!!
  19. Puddles&Chubbs

    New chubbicharm ideas

    So I feel confident that the pins can withstand normal "pin action!" Someone suggested a double chubbipin too: So far so good with the cell phone charm too! But I want to give that a few more days of testing. :)
  20. Puddles&Chubbs

    New to site & to taking care of a chinchilla

    welcome! just a note: make sure the shavings aren't cedar. Those are toxic to chins. Congrats on your new little guy!