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  1. Claire D

    Housing kits Does excellent chinchilla cages - in 18+ years, I have never heard of kits getting through 1/2 inch mesh.
  2. Claire D

    Serious problem with feet

    Apologies, I've not been online for a while - is there any update on this chinny?
  3. Claire D

    Possible Amputation

    Amputation at the shoulder is the best bet, leaving no stump that can hit the ground. Anything left which can have pressure put on it is a risk so the higher the vets can go the better - circulation will play a part in that decision because you need a good blood supply for the stump to heal...
  4. Claire D

    What to do when one of your chins pass?

    Firstly, I am sorry for the loss of your chinchilla. All chinchillas are different & they can react in different ways to the death of a cage mate. In my experience some chins genuinely seem to greive and some simply don't seem to care - without anthropomorphising the animals, I think every...
  5. Claire D

    Diagnosed with Malo

    I am sorry for your loss.
  6. Claire D

    Bacterial Enteritis - experience with this?

    .... and I am applauding the above 3 posts by Peggy & Ange. Although the loss of chins is always a sad event, especially when it is sudden and unexplained, I am so pleased to see this thread is discussing the practicalities of quarantine and basic infection prevention and control measures...
  7. Claire D

    Bacterial Enteritis - experience with this?

    As an aside, I looked up incubation ranges for various bacteria..... (human based but interesting never-the-less) From Control of Communicable Diseases Manual 18th Edition: Listeriosis - 3-70 days but can be over 3 months. Giardia - 3-25 days. Coccidia - 1-4 weeks. Leptospirosis - 2 -30...
  8. Claire D

    Has anyone else attended MCBA Nationals this year and now had chin deaths?

    Oh, I agree - for me quarantine is about a lot more than just health and I often feel like I'm banging my head against the proverbial brick wall but I keep at it. ;) 16 weeks also gives me plenty of time to get to know the chin (behaviour, personality, habits) and to allow them to settle, for...
  9. Claire D

    Has anyone else attended MCBA Nationals this year and now had chin deaths?

    I have a professional clinical background also - I use my clinical curiousity, reasoning, and decision making skills when working with chinchillas. It's one of the things that makes keeping chins interesting I think - there's always something to explore. Dawn's post has given the kind of...
  10. Claire D

    Has anyone else attended MCBA Nationals this year and now had chin deaths?

    I think people grossly underestimate how long it can take for a chinchilla to show symptoms of problems brought in to the herd.
  11. Claire D

    Bacterial Enteritis - experience with this?

    I know people have barracked and even ridiculed me in the past for my views on length of appropriate/effective quarantine but stories like we are reading here just make me more determined to keep plugging away with 16 weeks. I also know and appreciate that for some it is difficult to...
  12. Claire D

    Sleeping during the day?

    As Riven says, most chins will potter about a bit during the day - getting up for a nibble of food, a drink, a general mooch around to see what's going on - then go back to sleep in their favourite spot. You can affect a chin's sleep pattern just by being around - some of my chins are very...
  13. Claire D

    Bacterial Enteritis - experience with this?

    I'm sorry to read that poeple are having problems with chins dying. It's always so upsetting and frustrating when the cause remains unexplained. I wonder, is there a common denomenator between the peope who are having problems with sudden chins deaths at the moment? Have you all attended...
  14. Claire D

    The vet and I are stumped

    Has this chin had dental xrays done?
  15. Claire D

    A milestone for a molar-less malo chin

    No. This is an extremely unusual case. There is no cure for dental root elongation that has been proven sucessful with clinical evidence. One anecdotal story is just that - the reality is that, although the chin is showing obvious signs of improvement, this story is not proof that molar...
  16. Claire D

    Perianal mass

    I am so very sorry for your loss. :( One possibility is that Alfie was septic (infection in the bloodstream) - in small furries it is hard to treat & chins don't always show just how poorly they really are. Coupled with a longer than expected anaesthetic, it could have just been too much for...
  17. Claire D

    leafy greens

    Missed my edit time but I want to add this: It is 100% correct to say that feeding chinchillas too much rich foods lead to digestive upsets. Feeding fresh/leafy greens (or fresh fruits) can lead to diarrhoea, bloating, & death. Not always but why take the risk? Digestive upsts are more...
  18. Claire D

    leafy greens

    :hilarious: Sorry, Peggy, I write sparingly because most people don't read posts properly (jumping to conclusions that aren't there to make) & also because I could bore everyone for hours! ;) Strangely enough, I don't know of many people in the UK who feed large amounts of fresh fruits & veg -...
  19. Claire D


    I am very sorry for your loss. :( RIP Skylar.
  20. Claire D

    leafy greens

    Seasonal food habits of the endangered long-tailed chinchilla ( Chinchilla lanigera): the effect of precipitation A. Cortés, E. Miranda, J. E. Jiménez Mammalian Biology - MAMM BIOL 01/2002; 67(3):167-175. Chins in the...