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  1. SeeleyAnne

    Any suggestions for pee smell?

    Do you or have you used tile?
  2. SeeleyAnne

    Any suggestions for pee smell?

    We got chins again, after not having them for 3 years. We have fleece on the bottom of their cage and a litter pan with pine shavings. I have seen them pee in the litter pan, but definitely not all the time. There's obvious pee stains on the fleece. I cleaned their cage last night and it already...
  3. SeeleyAnne

    Messy, stained bum??

    My new chin has a messy looking bum. Like she had diarrhea, yet there is no diarrhea to be found. In fact, I know her poop is normal because she pooped all over me last night and it was just her normal, dry little poops. Does their bum fur just get stained sometimes from pee? I have fleece on...
  4. SeeleyAnne

    Teeth clicking?!

    I got a new chin tonight and so far she is super friendly! She is not afraid of us at all and just loves to play. I expected to have to let her get used to her new home for a while and she is totally ready to be friends :) Anyways, I noticed she was making a weird sound with her teeth which I...
  5. SeeleyAnne

    Got bit so hard today! First time

    I experienced my first chin bite today. We went to a person's house to possibly buy a chin. She was a baby black velvet - SO beautiful. I believe she was around 10 weeks old. The owner kinda had to chase her around the cage a bit to get her out. She was kacking at him a bit too. He finally...
  6. SeeleyAnne

    Weirdest thing they've run off with?

    Once I walked into my bathroom and Buddha had taken the toilet paper and strung it all around the bathroom....and little poops everywhere too. Pretended like he had no idea what happened...
  7. SeeleyAnne

    Missing my chins :(

    This is the first time I've been on the site in years. We had 2 beautiful chins about 3 years ago and gave them up because we lived in a small apartment and had just had a baby. We really regret re-homing them. We miss them so much!!! We're looking into getting new chins, but I feel like they...
  8. SeeleyAnne

    Question about new account

    Thank you everyone! I've received the email, verified my account, but can't post at all. I've searched that forum all over and can't find anything helpful, but I'll keep looking. Thanks!
  9. SeeleyAnne

    Question about new account

    When I first registered to chins n hedgies, there was a "breaking in" period where I wasn't allowed to post? I think? It was years ago so I can't really remember. I was wondering if anyone could remind me of what the rules were on new accounts? I am asking because I recently got a ferret and...
  10. SeeleyAnne

    I think I need to give up my chins :(

    I tried using a litter pan, but they don't pee in any specific spot, so that didn't work. I also washed the fleece in white vinegar every time, but it wasn't the smell of the fleece after it had been washed, it was the smell of the fleece after one day of being peed on that smelled so horrible...
  11. SeeleyAnne

    I think I need to give up my chins :(

    Ok, maybe we should try shavings again. When I only had one chin, the shavings were fine, and it didn't get stinky. They have a flying saucer wheel in their cage. The only problem is I need a bottom that will let me use shavings. Has anyone had success in building a bottom out of wood? I know...
  12. SeeleyAnne

    My 2 month old Mochi

    oh my goodness, cutest chin ever. what color is she?
  13. SeeleyAnne

    I think I need to give up my chins :(

    This is really really sad for me to say. My husband and I have had our chins for over a year, and they have been our favorite pets ever. We've had or first baby, who is now 6 weeks old, and it's gotten really hard to take care of them. We have them set up in a two story critter nation with...
  14. SeeleyAnne

    Beef Wellington!

    Haha!! How did you get him to stay still for that mini camera picture? So cute!
  15. SeeleyAnne

    Tiled Cages: Lets see yours

    thanks Stackie! I totally agree with you. I always try to pick those dang liners totally clean before washing them and it's a pain in the butt!
  16. SeeleyAnne

    Tiled Cages: Lets see yours

    I think I'm definitely going to have to do this, because the liners are too much work :P
  17. SeeleyAnne

    Baby Loki!!

  18. SeeleyAnne

    Tiled Cages: Lets see yours

    That sounds easy! I need bass pans now. haha
  19. SeeleyAnne

    Tiled Cages: Lets see yours

    Hey! I am thinking about switching to a tiled floor for my Critter Nation because I've been using fleece liners for almost a year now, and they just get way too stinky way too fast for me. I've never actually seen a tiled cage, so I am wondering how to go about it. What do you glue the tiles on...